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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm going to get mushy for a second...

When I was little and making a list of all the things I wished I had in a dad and wanted for my children I set very high expectations. I didn't even consider the characters of that future betrothed as a partner in life but someone to stick around and share equally in the development and love of our 2 kids (yes I always wanted one boy and one girl!). I had a list of qualifications that were so unrealistic I didn't think that man existed, up until the moment Nadine was born.
Nadine was a surprise in our second year of marriage and I was terrified! I didn't know what a functional 2 parent home looked like 24/7 and was afraid of letting my child or spouse or both down. I was wrong! Do you know who put me straight?! My husband, my incredibly loving, and understanding (and goofy!) husband! 
The version of myself when I am with Karl is so much better then without. 
I knew this journal entry existed somewhere and thought it important for Karl to know how he stacked up...

Father's day 1999 [excerpt]
IF I ever have kids the dad better be a rockstar of a dad because I wouldn't want to raise me (or JJ!) with out four eyes watching instead of two.
1) He'd rather die than leave his family
2) He has to be good at sports, because I'm not!
3) He has to want to sing lullabies to the baby
4) He needs to be funny
5) He needs to have more pride in our children than himself
6) He's got to make up for my lack of patience

Granted, I was a bit of a drama queen. Currently, I have a great relationship with my step-dad and biological dad but at the time I had neither. I didn't think this guy existed, and I was content to never have kids if he didn't.

If you know Karl at all, you know that he not only meets the standards he created new ones. He holds himself to higher standards of being a dad and husband then what I thought the perfect guy would have. No one is flawless, that is for sure, but as far as being the best man to raise children and spend the rest of my life with KARL is the one and only.
Happy 6th Father's day my love!
For those of you waiting for the food aspect of this post... Today, we went with BBQ Chicken, Loaded Baked potatoes, veggie tray with humus and cookies for dessert. The weather was glorious, the food was good, but most of all I thanked and let 2 of the most important men in my life know how much I appreciate their fatherly skills. 
Grandpa Gaylor and Nadine

Not only does he sing lullabies but he teaches the love of music to our kiddos!